Doctor Blade

Huatao doctor blades are used to clean rolls and remove stock accumulations, water, pitch, and filler buildup. They  are made by more  advanced materials,like HDPE,carbon,stainless steel,glass epoxy,copper with your different requirements. So we are sure that can offer high performance cleaning and water removal in a variety of doctoring and scraping applications.

. wet section balde

Material Feature Main usage
HDPE Advanced composite material of macromolecular polyethylene. Temperature resistance: over
80 ℃. Molecular weight: 3 million
rubber rolls in wet end and polyester rubber rolls
HDPE Heat resistance:over 80℃.Molecular weight:6 million rubber rolls in wet end and polyester rubber rolls
Epo-Glass fiber Microfiber and epoxy fiber, with very good chemical resistance. Temperature resistance: 185 ℃ all rolls from mesh fabric to automatic paper-reel

. press setion blade

Material Feature main usage
Stainless steel High hardness, with better scraping result, better corrosion-resistance stone rolls and Ebonite rolls in press section
Carbon fiber(20-100)with Epo-glass fiber Heat resistance:over 185℃.
Bending strength:600-100 N/Square millimeter
all kind of paper machine reel

.dryer section blade

Material Feature Main usage
Epo-glass fiber /Clean blade Epo-glass fiber, ultra-fine fibre glass a nd super-fine carbon grinding.Chemical-resistance: very good. Temperature resistance: 185 ℃ forward drying rolls with stickies
100% carbon fiber Made of 100% carbon fiber
Heat resistance:185℃
Bending strength:1000N/mm²
ceramic rolls, calendering roller