How to make lifetime of felt longer

  • Before installation

①, check whether the packaging is intact.

②,check the header of the subject product number, size, and whether the quantitative and ordering the same content.

③, open the package to check the quality and appearance of the papermaking felt size, good product verification, and view the run arrow.

2, the installation

①, clean paper machine related parts.

②, and to see the positive and negative direction of paper papermaking felt.

③, prevent oil stains and hard object damage papermaking felt.

④, put an end to dead lift strong pull.

3, idling

Before working on machine after a certain idling time and pressure, not only the surface of the felt wash floating hair, improve the flatness of the surface of the papermaking felt, the papermaking felt stained wash when replacing the oil, and can improve the compactness of the felt so that the air permeability of the felt closer to the optimum papermaking state.

①, evenly spread to all parts of the felt. ②, water evenly and wet papermaking felt. ③, properly tensioned papermaking felt. ④, so check the rollers and papermaking felt flattened state. ⑤, apply some pressure. ⑥, crawling machine. ⑦, then tensioned papermaking felt. ⑧, applying pressure to normal pressure. ⑨, cleaning, or about 3% of the hot alkaline softening papermaking felt. ⑩, washed with water and turn on the vacuum system.

4, start operation points

①, the power situation prior to inspection equipment and papermaking felt. The blade is tight, clean operating range and papermaking felt circuit, papermaking felt and wet scrubbing system broke systems. If it is turned on after maintenance, you need to wash papermaking felt; the case of new for papermaking felt to keep papermaking felt moderate tension. ②, to boot after the press roll down. No felt tension before and just machines, startup speed is lower, then gradually accelerate, according to the situation and adjust the degree of tension papermaking felt, papermaking felt correction operation. ③, after threading normal, press both sides to maintain a uniform pressure, attention and papermaking felt running web, the paper found that the disease timely contact with the upper and lower step and processed. ④, pay attention to safe operation. Correction process or deviation felt felt discounts, the body may not be inserted into the felt and found papermaking felt sticky pulp have fast, can not hand to pull, available water will seriously slow down or stop when treatment; and the parts are not allowed in the felt import running direction of the contact of the hand dig to take foreign body within the felt. ⑤, papermaking felt after running for some time, as has been caused by dirty water treatment capacity decreased, can strengthen the washing water, before washing should be well prepared in advance, slow down under reduced pressure, should not scrub the papermaking felt surface. ⑥, pay attention to check the functioning of the device, and recorded.

  1. Routine Maintenance

①, to prevent the felt discounts, uneven wear, uneven washing and accidental breakage. ②, the correct high-pressure water, water fan, vacuum cleaning box use. ③, strengthen continuous and regular washing washing papermaking felt, rational use of chemical detergents. ④, down time is long, clean and washed papermaking felt and relax. ⑤, after stopping to check the wear of the pressure roller, while checking all kinds of rollers, papermaking felt and correction as well as the tensioner roller bearing, pressure means the pressure roller blade working conditions and other equipment. ⑥, the rollers are ground on a regular basis according to the paper machine operation. ⑦, press section of each device should be kept clean, the transmission part to remain flexible, pay attention to the bearing lubrication.