Save your cost (1)

In the process of paper making, most of the energy saving is related to improving the energy efficiency of the drying process and the utilization of the waste heat. In general, pulp and paper energy costs accounted for about 10% to 35% of the cost of production; consumption of vacuum consumption accounted for 15% of paper electric power consumption to 18%, most of the vacuum energy is supplied to the vacuum roller, suction tank and vacuum suction tank; drying is the highest part of energy consumption in the production of paper. The key factor to reduce the energy consumption is to increase the dry degree of paper after press.
Optimization of wet part dehydration: the energy consumption of the 1kg water is 5 times of the 1kg water in the forming part, and the energy consumption of the drying part is 25 times of the 1kg water. Therefore, from the point of view of energy saving, it should be strengthened in the shape of the Ministry, the Ministry of press and the optimization of the drying part of the distribution.
Control of the drying dew point: the gas cap determines the heat exchange efficiency, and the heat efficiency is affected by the fan. To strengthen the measurement and control of the dew point state in the air hood of paper machine, to optimize the heat exchange efficiency of the drying process and to save energy. At the same time, optimize the gas cap control, can provide better drying quality, more uniform product quality.
Paper machine vacuum system optimization: each machine has a vacuum pump and vacuum system, paper machine vacuum system consumption of power and power consumption of paper machine. Therefore, by strengthening the paper machine each part of the vacuum pumping and the vacuum degree and other optimized configuration, can be in the same amount of dehydration, saving more energy.
Chemical mixing and energy saving: in the most close to the flow of slurry tank flash mixed wet chemicals, high efficiency, low energy consumption. The traditional hybrid system in headbox feed pipe with chemicals, long time delay. With the aid of the flash mixing time of the slurry tank pipe into the slurry jet stream, the distance is shortened, the distance is close, the energy saving effect is good, and the mixing is uniform.
Vacuum energy saving of the water suction tank: the vacuum degree of the vacuum suction tank is lower than that of the vacuum roller, but it needs to be driven to overcome the sliding friction and the energy consumption is consumed. Compared with the traditional gap cover plate, the new special open cover vacuum chamber can significantly improve the dewatering performance and reduce the unit energy consumption of the corresponding position. The reason lies in the high efficiency area of holes, and the vacuum in the cover of more stable; in addition, the opening of the special surface morphology can improve the thickness of water film are scraped from forming the inner surface of the network, so the paper wet minimum. At the end of forming, by changing the position of the high vacuum suction tank, mounted directly on the arc in vacuum roll, can reduce the friction caused by net vacuum, can be part of the final paper in the network terminal consumes too much energy and wet back to a minimum. Compared with the traditional vacuum chamber, the vacuum chamber can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the forming part.